Grubhub Starts to Leverage Last Year’s LevelUp Acquisition

As newer third-party delivery companies mature into viable businesses, each will need to differentiate itself in the marketplace. Grubhub’s $390 million acquisition of LevelUp offers restaurants a comprehensive way to manage its consumer-facing business and capitalize on opportunity. Grubhub is at its core a delivery marketplace, focused on providing a platform for operators to reach […]

Chipotle customers are saying their accounts have been hacked

A stream of Chipotle customers have said their accounts have been hacked and are reporting fraudulent orders charged to their credit cards — sometimes totaling hundreds of dollars. Customers have posted on several Reddit threads complaining of account breaches and many more have tweeted at @ChipotleTweets to alert the fast food giant of the problem. In most cases, orders were put through under […]

‘Sharpen Your Pencil’ Falls on Deaf Ears for Grubhub Exec

Now the head of enterprise restaurants at Grubhub, he says Grubhub is trying to figure out how to “break the dysfunctional model”in the food delivery business today, in which the restaurant operators want to own the data that third-party delivery providers collect, but the third-party folks consider that their most valuable asset. He described Grubhub’s […]