Uber Eats now lets you split the bill


Now that people are socializing again as the pandemic (hopefully) winds down, Uber is tackling one of the most common problems of restaurant delivery apps: how to split the bill between friends. Uber Eats is relaunching group ordering with a new bill splitting feature — the first in a US delivery app, Uber claims. Once you create a group order, you just have to choose between paying for everything or asking guests to cover their share. This won’t help in situations where only some people are paying, but it could save you the hassle of asking for money after the fact.

It’s also easier to manage your upcoming group orders. You can set a deadline for everyone to submit their orders, and either auto-checkout at the deadline or make the purchase manually. Indecisive friends shouldn’t be a problem, either, as you can set automatic reminders to nudge anyone who hasn’t made a request.Uber isn’t new to the concept of divvying bills — ridesharing customers could split their fares as early as 2013. The addition is still welcome, though, and might help couples at home as much as it might friends on a night out. This might also put pressure on rivals that either don’t have group orders or limit them to businesses paying from company accounts.


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