ezCater Report Provides Fresh Insights into the $60+ Billion U.S. Catering Market

Key findings include:

  • Catering is growing: Catering is growing 50 percent faster than the overall restaurant industry, with business catering driving much of the growth.
  • Catering is important: 90 percent of restaurants consider catering important to their business.
  • Catering is worth the investment: 91 percent of respondents who reported increasing catering revenues are investing in their catering operations, with top investments in personnel (34 percent), technology (25 percent), and marketing (24 percent).
  • Catering is in demand: Demand for catering is coming from a wide range of industries, with healthcare, finance, IT/technology, advertising and construction among the top 10 sources of orders.
  • Catering is big: The average check size of a catering order is $283.
  • Catering is profitable: Large orders drive efficiencies in food and labor costs, which drive a larger portion of dollars to the bottom line than smaller consumer orders.


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