Catering grew 50% faster than entire restaurant industry in 2018

  • Catering, which makes up more than $60 billion in sales within the restaurant’s $600 billion industry, grew 6% year-over-year in 2018 compared to 3.6% growth across the restaurant industry, Technomic principal Melissa Wilson said during a CaterUp panel on Tuesday. Catering outpaced overall industry growth by 50% last year, according to a Technomic and ezCater report released during the conference.
  • Catering makes up 18% of sales on average at restaurants that offer it, ezCater CMO David Meiselman said at the panel.
  • Ninety percent of restaurant operators believe that catering is somewhat or very important to their business, but 28% of operators haven’t made strategic investments to build this business, according to the report.


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