Bite Squad creates industry tension by buying out local delivery service

When Boone students came back from their summer break, they were met with a confusing sight. The food delivery company Boone Takeout was replaced with a bright green Bite Squad logo.

“Bite Squad has been on a growing spree and last year we more than doubled our footprint,” said Liz Sniegocki, Bite Squad media relations manager. Bite Squad has 70 drivers in the Boone market and is continuously growing.

…Bite Squad has run into issues with local Boone restaurants, even causing Hokkaido and Capone’s Pizza to drop its services.

“Bite Squad is incredibly difficult to get into contact with, mainly because I believe their customer service call center is in Mexico,” said Andrew Donaldson, a manager at Sagebrush Steakhouse. “You cannot physically call their IT department at all and you have to email them, so it takes quite a few days for them to get back to you.”

“Their software doesn’t work but maybe 20 percent of the time,” Donaldson said. “Bugs like sending in the same order twice or not sending an order in at all has happened multiple times, and getting refunded our money for making the same order more than once is very difficult to do.

“It takes weeks to get that back.”


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