Can restaurants in Iowa City beat GrubHub?

…The biggest challenges facing Chomp are partnership problems, if restaurant owners cannot work together, and the effort required for aggressive marketing, experts say.

Shake Saleem can attest to that. He tried a short-lived venture earlier this year to organize restaurants in New York City to build a lower-cost alternative to Seamless. “Restaurants didn’t do their parts, and we realized very quickly that we cannot help restaurants through delivery,” Saleem says. “Restaurants beg for change but weren’t willing to pay $100 upfront or even put in another tablet when I would pay for it. It was really disappointing,” he says.

…The person who figures out the mystery of food delivery, unraveling the advantages of scale, convenience and cost, will have the world in their hands, says Barbara Castiglia, executive editor at Modern Restaurant Management.

“People want to work with local companies, local restaurants. People want to be part of the neighborhood and part of their communities,” she says. “However, a GrubHub, a Seamless, a DoorDash, its one-stop-shop. It’s so convenient.


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